I divorced ex-husband following all laws: Tammi

Published: বুধবার, ফেব্রুয়ারি ২৪, ২০২১

Tamima Tammi, wife of Bangladesh cricketer Nasir Hossain, has responded to all the criticisms around her and her husband Nasir since their marriage and said that she divorced her ex-husband Rakib by following all the laws.
She made the remarks at a press conference at a hotel in the capital on Wednesday. Tamima was accused of marrying Nasir without divorcing her ex-husband Rakib. In response, she said, “I divorced him (Rakib) in accordance with all the laws, everyone in the family knew about it. Even then, everyone may understand why he is doing all this.”

“I was married to him and we have children. Everything else is fabricated except these two,” Nasir’s wife also said. Mentioning that false news is being spread by opening their (Tammi, Nasir) fake IDs on various social media, Tamima Tammi said, “We don’t have any Facebook ID, Nasir only has a page.” “Stop spreading the rumor by listening from someone else, she added. About her daughter, Tamima said, “Since her born, she was with me until 2019. I had the ability to feed and teach her. I am in regular contact with my daughter.

“They (Rakib’s family) took her away from me in 2019. After that, I was not allowed to see her,” she said in a tearful voice. Nasir Hossain and his wife Tamima Tammi was at the center of the discussion, criticism since their marriage on Valentine’s Day. Tammi was accused of marrying Nasir without divorcing her ex-husband Rakib, resulting in the lawsuit against her and Nasir. The couple responded to the matter and cleared everything through today’s press conference on Wednesday.


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