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Published: বুধবার, জুলাই ১, ২০২০

London, Jun 28, 2020 World Humanitarian Drive (WHD) recognized the world’s heroes making a difference during this pandemic with “Honouring The Honourable: STARS OF COVID” Awards Ceremony on Sunday, 28th June. Mr. Adv. Nazmus Sadat Mohammad Sayem, Senior Vice Chairman of Legal Action Bangladesh has been awarded a “Global Humanitarian Award” for the categories of ‘Excellence in Social Work’ as “Best Societal Spirits”.

Global Leaders and International Delegates awarded “STARS OF COVID” Winners on WHD’s youtube channel:

The Chairman Mr. Adv.Obaidur Rahman Lasker, Executive Secretary Mr. Hridoy Hasan, others all board of directors and team has given Congratulations to all winners and special thanks to WHD UK for the successful events. The Legal Action Bangladesh ( LAB ) A Human Rights Organization collaboration between different International Human Rights Organization in the World.

STARS OF COVID”, is considered as part of an initiative by WHD founder Dr. Abdul Basit Syed, called “Honouring The Honourable”. Since 2018, WHD’s “Honouring the Honourable” has inspired millions across the world to draw inspiration from those who have contributed to the welfare of society and the world.

WHD takes pride in honouring “STARS OF COVID” who give their best for humanity. This event’s objective was to show gratitude and honour courageous volunteers contributing to the betterment of humanity, especially during this crisis of Covid-19. When the entire world was shut down and afraid to step out, these “STARS OF COVID” gave a helping hand to the world that was battling against Coronavirus.  They sprung into action and continually help humanity fight against the deadly Covid-19. WHD accepted nominations from all corners of the world irrespective of the nationality, age, organization and community groups. In total, the Organising Committee received more than 1,600 nominations from all seven continents and 52 countries. The shortlist of the award includes 550 projects. 100 projects from 35 countries, including nominees from Russia, India, and South Africa, are shortlisted.

WHD bestowed remarkable people who go beyond their duty to serve humanity in these challenging times with the prestigious “Global Humanitarian Award” in 12 categories: Excellence in Medical Service, Education and Research, Politics, Public Service, Media Service, Business, Innovation and Research, Social Welfare, Nature Preservation, Charity, Social Work, and Entertainment Service.

Abdul Basit Syed, Founder & Chairman of WHD, believes that the chosen recipients have put the public first, at great personal risk, and deserve to be awarded for their efforts. “We decided to appreciate those unsung heroes of humanity and bring them to the limelight. We often forget to say thank you or acknowledge those who have always been contributing to the betterment of humanity especially during this crisis of COVID-19.”

Guests of Honour included H.E. Madhav Kumar, former Prime Minister of Nepal, Hon. Pedro Altamirano, President of the National Assembly of Andalusia (Spain), H.E. Fatmir Sejdiu, Former President, Republic of Kosovo. They received Title of Honour “Patron of Humanity” Award from WHD Founder Abdul Basit Syed and WHD International Board Director, President of IDC, Dr. Sergei Dvoryanov for their continuous contribution in supporting humanity.   The online awarding ceremony was moderated by Mr. Robin Marsh, Secretary-General of UPF (UK).

This notable event also launched an e-book “Re-engineering Happiness” by Dr. Abdul Basit Syed and gave a first look of the book: “Stars of COVID 100”.

The full list of WHD STARS OF COVID Global Humanitarian Awardees include:

Excellence in Medical Service-Angels without Wings: Dr. Colleen Kraft (United States of America), Padmabhusan Brig. Dr. Anil Kohli (India), Padmashri Dr. Vijaykumar Swarupchandshah (India), Dr. Syed Asghar Hussain (Uganda), Dr. A. Mohamed Hakkim (India), Dr. Padma Natarajan (United States of America),  Mr. Peter Koome Kaburu (Kenya), Dr. Palani Mahadevan (India), Mrs. Mitaly Rani Karmakar (Bangladesh), Ms. Ntombizifikile Mkoyana (South Africa);

Excellence in Education and Research-Great Minds: H.R.H. Princess Doaa Bint M. Ezzat (Saudi Arabia), Dr. Wisal Alsadi (Germany), Mr. Agnishwar Jayaprakash (India), Ms. Prema Mookaram (Mauritius), Youth Council in Action for Nation (Nepal); Universiteti Mesdhetar (Albania);

Excellence in Politics – Best Public Ambassadors: Hon. Gadzhimurad Zairbekoviсhomarov MP (Russia), Hon. Dr. Sekou Benna Camara MP (Guinea), Hon. K. Navas-kani MP (India), Hon. Lamin J. Sanneh MP (The Gambia);

Excellence in Public Service – Top Brass: Dr. K. Vijayakarthikeyan Ias (India), Mrs. Nelly Thessah Arfadja (Madagascar), Mr. Balakrishnan Velaiah Ips (India);

Excellence in Media Service- Top Publicists: Mr. Christabell Leonard Peters (United Kingdom), Mr. Sachin Awasthi (India), Dr. Reetha Dinesh (India);

Excellence in Business – Great Dynamos: Mr. Suleman Raza  (United Kingdom), Danube Group (Dubai), Dr. Alexander Shapiro Suliman (Israel), HCL Foundation CSR (India), German Federal Association for Economic Development and Foreign Trade (Germany), Mr. Firoz Alam Sumon (Bangladesh), Mr. Andi Ballta (Albania), Dr. Florancemanoranjitham Sinniah (Malaysia), Prof. Dr. K T N Murthy (Indonesia), Dr. A. Mohamed Mohideen (United Arab Emirates), Mr. Fabio Santonoceto (Italy), Dr. Madhu Saran (Iran), Mr. Md. Ariful Islam (Bangladesh);

Excellence in Innovation and Technology – Best Avant – Garde: Mr. Illyoung Lee (South Korea), Propeller Technologies R&D PVT LTD (India), Mauto Electric Mobility PVT LTD (India), Ms. Sabina Zulalova (Azerbaijan), Dr. Ajmal Dastagir (India); 

Excellence in Social Welfare – Pillars of Society: Food bank India (India), Nehemiah Gateway (Albania), No Food Waste (India), Bangladesh Human Rights Commission (Bangladesh), Deepalaya (India), Malaysian Armed Forces Indian Veteran Association (Malaysia), Pretty Lil Hearts (India), Kuwait Tamil Islamic Committee (Kuwait), ARLM Alumni Association (India), Fundjavë Ndryshe (Albania), Rakshak Foundation (India), Malaysia Corruption Watch (Malaysia), St Mary’s Educational Society (India), Eternal Gardens Kemnal Park Cemetery (United Kingdom);

Excellence Nature Preservation – Eco-Guardians: Global Youth Climate Action Initiative (Nigeria), Mr Ashwath, Mr. Praveen & Mr. Hari Venkatesh  (India), Thanks Wing (Bangladesh), Green Globe (United Arab Emirates), Born to Win Research Foundation Trust (India);

Excellence in Charity – Outstanding Big Hearts: Atzin desarrollo comunitario (Mexico), All Kathiawari Hindu Panchayat (Pakistan, Djemtë e Picarit (Albania), World Chaplain Federation (Philippines), Arutperunjothi Vallalar Charitable Trust (India), Asian Resource Centre of Croydon (United Kingdom), Covid Relief Force (India), Tripla Difesa Onlus (Italy), Anandam Oldage Home (India), Shebadan Samaj Kalyan Sangstha (Bangladesh), Calicut disaster management team (India), Sgqurban Singapore (Singapore), Pure Life Society (Malaysia);

Excellence in Social Work – Best Societal Spirits: Dr. Anissa Naqrachi (Morocco), Mr. Ishkhan Rasoev (Russia), Mr. Pushpinder Oberoi (Australia), Mr. Qaisar Abbas (United Kingdom), Mr. Ahmed Abdul Hakim Muhaisen (Palestine), Mr. Aref Mothanaalameree (Yemen), Ms. Aditi Madhusudhan (India), Mr. Ashwin Karki (Nepal), Mr. Mohamed Hidayathullah K (United Arab Emirates), Ms. Mavayna Manav (India), Mr. Mohamed Nasir Mohideen (Malaysia), Mr. Ameen Mohammed Ali (Uganda), Amb. Abdullghani Yahya Alebarh (Yemen), Mr. Nishchal Baniya (Nepal), Mr. Vivek P (India), Mr. Ahmad Tarmizimukhtar (Malaysia), Mr. Daniel Jacob (India), Mr. Tathy Yoka Mpela (United Kingdom),  Dr. Jack d’Souza & Mr. Sanjay Rathod (India), Mr. Naraeshpillai (Malaysia), Mr. Nazmus Sadat Mohammad Sayem (Bangladesh), Dr. Bunmi Roach (United Kingdom), Mrs. Casey Revkin Ryan (United States of America);

Excellence in Entertainment Service – Leading Light: Maestro Yuri Chuguyev (Spain)

One of the notable Bangladeshi winners: Adv. Nazmus Sadat Mohammad Sayem, Senior Vice Chairman of Legal Action Bangladesh, for the categories of ‘Excellence in Social Work’ as “Best Societal Spirits”.

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