Awareness workshop on hygienic driving in Corona

Published: বৃহস্পতিবার, জুন ১১, ২০২০

Health Awareness Awareness Workshop has been held in the tourist city of Kuakata to prevent the corona virus of auto-van drivers. The workshop was organised at the Rakhine Women’s Market Ground on Wednesday afternoon in collaboration with the Tour Operators Association of Cuakata (Taaq) and the Kuakata Hotel Motel Owners Association. Half a hundred auto van drivers participated in this training.

The meeting was attended by the Councilor of the Cuakata Municipality Tofael Ahmed Tapu, Secretary General of Toaq Anwar Hossain Anu, and Mahbub Alam Sipahi, President of the Auto-Van Workers League. The macra is distributed among the van drivers who participate in the training. The workshop was conducted by Toaq President Ruman Imtiaz Snow. The workshop also made auto van drivers aware of how to operate tourist services in accordance with health regulations.

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