I never thought I would be out of camera for so long

Published: বুধবার, এপ্রিল ২৯, ২০২০

Everyone is spending time by staying home during lockdown due to coronavirus outbreak. Even showbiz stars are not excluded from this – they are spending time at home through various activities. When asked actress Mumtaheena Toya how she spending time, she replied, “Most of the time I watch movies, listen to music, play ludu and talk to my family.”

“I did not sit like this for many days. As a result, I am trying to give this time to my family and myself,” she also said.“I have been at home for more than two months,” Toya said. “I remember the shooting time very much. I never thought I would have to be out of the camera for so long!” Toya-Shawon couple wanted to have a wedding reception this year, however, she is not thinking about the matter right now, she told.

“All are canceled for the time being. Shawon and I are both set to return for shooting. We don’t even have a honeymoon plan right now,” Toya added.

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