“Motherland Kuakata Group” handing out food to mentally unbalanced people in Kuakata

Published: মঙ্গলবার, এপ্রিল ২৮, ২০২০

News Desk: The birthplace Of the Kuakata Group has been stopping eating every day of the week for 10 months. But since the start of the lockdown, the organization ‘Motherland Kuakata Group’, which has been feeding 20/25 mentally unstable people in Kuakata, is now in financial trouble. The organization, however, has been feeding the disabled people so far.

Ten of the organization’s most courageous youth said they too were completely unemployed, completely unemployed, on lockdown. On the beach or on the streets of Kuakata, the people in the house would have been fed by the tourists who came to the place, including the hotel and restaurant. The lockdown has been closed since March 27. Since then, the birth place has been providing food to the Motherland Kuakata Group. But they too are getting unemployed and the support is shrinking. They also wanted to help the rich to continue their food support stream.

Bachu Khalifa said that our organization’s small business related to tourism is closed for more than a month. But after the loan, ihave, i.e. i.e. i.e. i.e. the man has kept the food in his stomach. But it’s not going on anymore. Still continuing. When mankind is overwhelmed by the corona, the world is in a state of shock. Bangladesh is not outside. Everyone is always in the middle of protecting himself, family. Yet, by keeping the social distance, the people of the society salutethed the birth place of Motherland Kuakata Group for participating in this humanitarian work. But they are not going to do this.

One of them, Gurup Admin Bachu Khalifa, told the Kuakata News that it is difficult to manage the money that is being fed at 2 o’clock every day. We run a lot of people who are unemployed, and now we’re all unemployed, so it’s a little difficult to manage money, if a sir were to help us, it would be better if we could have fed the nuts well and now there are 30 dogs that are very bad.

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