Distribution of rice and iftar items among the imams and muezzins of the mosque in Jhenaidah

Published: শনিবার, এপ্রিল ২৫, ২০২০

Zahidur Rahman Tariq, Jheedpur: Rice and Iftar items are distributed between imams and Muazin smugins of the mosque in The City of Jhelum. On Thursday, shahidul Islam Hiran, general secretary of the Sadar Upazila Awami League and chairman of the Jalhati Union, distributed the food items among 200 imams and Muazins from different villages of the Jalhati Union in Sadar Upazila.

In keeping with the social distance, the visitors handed over the essential food items including rice, pulses, potatoes, oil, rice, rice, beans, dates, dates, and gurs to the visitors. At this time, the President of the J.D.R.R.A. and others were present. Later, special prayers were made to liberate Bangladesh and the world from Corona.

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