Human rights activists beside farmer in Kuakata on lockdown

Published: শুক্রবার, এপ্রিল ২৪, ২০২০

Anwar Hossain Anu, Kuakata: The leaders of The Mahapur Thana and The Kuakata Municipal Corporation, who were given a call to the farmers in the labour crisis in The Corona, extended their support for the cutting of rice. On The morning of April 24 (Friday), the leader of the party, Mr. Karmira, was arrested by the farmers of The Village of Navinpur. Salim cut rice from The Hawaladar’s field and put it on his head.

Mahipur Thana, president of the University of Delhi, said that the government is not going to make any such More than half a hundred leaders including Sweeb Khan and General Secretary Saidur Rahman Green Bhuya, Municipal Council leader and president of the Kuakata Joybangla Club, Rasool Islam Shivalu, Tuhin Dewan, Baizid participated in the rice harvest ing. The leader of the house in the lockdown said that he was not in a mood to study because of the corona infection. They were having a lazy time. So they came to the side of the people of The City of Quetta, the poor, the poor and the low income people of The Quran, under the direction of Bangladesh Federation Central President Al Nahyan Khan Joy and General Secretary, Writer Bhattacharya.

The leaders of the party said they were very happy to stand by the helpless farmers, the unemployed people at the time. Go to the field and cut the rice from the farmers’ fields and bring them home. This has saved their new aspirations. Working in field farms alongside studies, the feeling of cooperation between people and the time of sorrow works. They think that this knowledge will keep them in the field of study.

Farmer Mo. Salim Hawaladar said he was in the country to get the rice workers to suffer from the Corona crisis. In part, the rice workers have nothing left to pay and the cost of agricultural work. There was no money in his hand. The workers were paid by the rice sale. He has benefited greatly from standing by me in such a crisis. He expressed his condolences to the leaders of the farmers Salim Kuakata Municipal Corporation and Mahipur Thana.

Raisul Islam Shivlu, president of the Joybangla Club, said a helpline has been opened for farmers, unemployed and needy people who are at risk of getting the disease. If contacted on the helpline, the farmers in labour crisis will cut rice, the poor families of the low income will solve the food crisis in the cukata municipality and Mahipur Thana. Shivalu also said that the country will work with the people as long as the country is not free from the pre-borne nature of the coronavirus.

Municipal Corporation leader Tuhin Dewan said that under the direction of the Central Board of The Kuakata Municipality and Mahipur Thana, the government has jointly extended the support of the unemployed, the needy, the low-income people, including farmers. The government has also taken part in various social activities including rice, distribution of vegetables. The leaders of the congress, tuhin, think that the other organizations that have seen the crisis will come forward with the help of the people in distress.

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