Winning against Corona requires concerted efforts: PM

Published: বৃহস্পতিবার, এপ্রিল ২৩, ২০২০

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has described the world as the biggest crisis in 100 years due to the Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19). He called for a concerted effort by the world community to tackle the crisis. The Prime Minister spoke at the virtual conference titled ‘Enhansing Regional Co-operation in South Asia to Combat Covid-19 Related Impact on Its Economics’ at the World Economic Forum on Thursday evening.

As the inaugural speaker, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has outlined a five-point proposal to fight the invisible and unknown enemy by mentioning the 3.3% GDP package to prevent economic disaster. He said, “The coronavirus is challenging our existence. At the present stage of globalisation, it is not possible to separate a country from the world. So the policy of separation will no longer work here. In this situation, the next one has to stand by. The economy is being affected by the impact of the corona. It is not certain how long such a situation will last.

The Prime Minister said that developed countries should be more alongside developing countries so that no one can be left out of the benefits. He also called for putting public health on the top of global trade and profit. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina stressed on the need to help people to move important sectors and to restore normalcy to life.

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