No new deaths in China in 8 days

Published: বৃহস্পতিবার, এপ্রিল ২৩, ২০২০

China seems to have been able to get out of the deadly Corona virus’s snout. The virus originated in China’s Hubei province in December last year. And in his case, the country became a death valley. Thousands of people die in Corona.

But, with extreme severity, China is dealing with the situation. Gradually, he brought the bottle to the bag. And in the same way, the current country’s corn infection is now zero. The biggest good news is that no one else has been reported dead in The last 8 days in The Country of Corona. On Thursday (April 23rd), international media reported the bbc. Not only death, but the number of new no-nos in China is also nearly zero.

Al Jazeera, another international media outlet, quoted by The Chinese Health Authority, reported that only 10 people were identified in the country on Wednesday (April 22). Even recent numbers of people who have been abroad have decreased. The National Health Commission said on Wednesday that 10 new corona patients were found in Mainland China. The previous day, the number was 30. 23 out of 30 people identified the previous day were newly returned from outside the country.

Since the outbreak, 82,798 people have been identified as official in China. Of this, 4,632 people died. More than 77,000 people have been healed. Currently only 959 confirmed patients come to the country. Of these, 63 are in critical condition. Even if china is withdrawn, it is not currently killing the United States and European countries.

Iran, another Asian country, is also believed to have been hit by the attack. According to the latest data from Worldometer, more than 26.39 million people worldwide have been diagnosed with the same. More than 144,000 people died. More than 7.22 lakh have been recovered.

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